Getting around St. Thomas - Transportation

Rental Cars

Rental cars are easily through many rental companies. You can also rent Jeeps and Scooters through various souces on the island. Caribbean taxis are available everywhere. These cool chariots are a cross between bus, private car and a pick-up truck. Multiple passengers share rides, and enjoy the driver's mini tour of the sites along the trip. Drivers are also available for hire by the hour or day for a more extensive private guided excursion.


Cool Altenatives

Other cool alternative modes of transportation include the Atlantis Submarine, Paradise Point Tramway, and V.I. Kayak ECO Tours. One of the best deals from St. Thomas is to take the water taxi from St. Thomas to St. John and spend a day in the U.S. Virgin Island National Park or any of the other many beautiful beaches there. There is snorkeling at Trunk Bay and they have a great burger shack.


Driving on the left side

You'll notice that driving is on the left hand side of the road. The reason for this dates back to the Danish when they used donkeys for transportation. The donkeys were trained to travel on the left. When cars were introduced, the donkeys (stubborn as donkeys are) refused to switch sides so to keep peace, cars were forced to drive on the left as well.


Inter-Island Ferries

Boyston, Inc. - 340-776-6294
Inter Island Boat Service - 340-776-6597
NATIVE SON, INC. - 340-774-8685
Smiths Ferry Services 340-775-7279
Transportation Services of St. John, Inc. - 340-776-6282
Varlak Ventures - 340-776-6412
Virgin Islands Port Authority 340-774-1629